Kids & Dogs 101

I would be willing to bet that your kids and dogs would have a GREAT relationship. After all, who doesn't want their kids and dogs to become good friends?

Relationships take time - I can help make the process a smooth one.

You have made our life with our new puppy so much safer and easier. My son was becoming nervous because the puppy was very mouthy. After taking this class, we learned how to make everyone feel safer and happier together.


This workshop contains tips to help your kids and dog to have a safe and positive relationship that will last a lifetime.

By purchasing this workshop, you'll get access to the recording, a downloadable workbook, and the know-how to help your kids learn to live together in harmony.

A few of the topics we'll cover...

Setting appropriate expectations for living with kids and dogs

Simple tips for managing your home and time so you can parent with less stress

Fun strategies to get your kids involved (without complaint)

How to understand what your dog is feeling and the many factors that influence their behavior

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