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The stress as a parent with dogs can feel overwhelming. I'm a mom too, so I get it. Join us for...

  • Training tips, advice, and solutions created explicitly for your busy reality 
  • Easy-to-implement strategies to calm the chaos, from mealtimes to bedtime routines 
  • The camaraderie of other parents of dogs and kids who totally get it 
  •  Personalized support from your own professional guide 
  • The confidence that comes with a plan and an understanding ear 

 I know how low the lows can go. I also know how blissful the highs can be– and I want to see you enjoy more of them.

Join us today for just $39/month (less than 1/3 the cost of a single consult!). 

It’s time to enjoy the family dog you always envisioned your kids growing up with!

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Parenting kids and dogs together isn't easy. I get it. Add a discounted hour long 1-on-1 coaching session with me and get some customized support to bring relief to your family right away.
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